Alternative Donation Options

I want to avoid the fee if at all possible because I want to do a monthly donation but can’t afford to do all that high of an amount & thus the fee cuts out more of what I’d offer than I’m comfortable with. Is there any chance of something else being set up anytime soon? Paypal maybe? If not I’ll just go for it anyway.

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Thanks for your kind offer, but I’m afraid Paypal is not going to happen. Setting up payments is complex and risky, and there are no compelling advantages to Paypal. The fee structure is a little different, so it may be a little cheaper in some cases, and a little more expensive in others. But the cost in development time and security risks is not worth it.

What we might do, though, is look at giving another option for timed donations. For small donors, perhaps making one every 6 months, or once a year, might be better. What do you think?

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I wonder if Venmo might be an option?

I am not surprised to hear this about your experience with Paypal, bhante. I own a business and we have had lots of problems using them. We are searching for other payment options.

I am not particularly attached to paypal, any method that avoids a fee would be preferred. At least for me doing 6 month intervals would not be better, but it might be a good idea for many. Anyway I’m willing to cope with the fee if necessary.

We are really flat strap with getting the new site ready at the moment, so this probably isn’t the best time to think about new payments options.

But if you want to work out something that doesn’t involve Stripe, your best option at the moment is to email Deepika at and see if you can sort something out.

Payments on the web are in a state of flux. Stripe was the best fit for us when it was introduced, but maybe other options have surfaced since then. So maybe we can revisit this a little later in the year.

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Would a direct inter-bank transfer work equally well? It wouldn’t harm having more than one option available, as it would allow the most to donate and create positive kamma!

with metta

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Again, best just contact Deepika to discuss other options.