Alternative title for AN 10.48

Soon after I had become a saama.nerii, I made a new translation of the DASA DHAMMASUTTA into German and English, comparing it with Ven. Nyanatiloka’ s earlier translation into German made some time between 1910 and 1920. I carried the Pali text in in my purse for a long time, trying to memorize it. The text translated by Ven. Nyanatiloka shows the reference AN X, 48. But I could not find it in the PTS edition (Ee). The Sutta is not listed in PPD, and not in TPMD (? Pali - Burmese dicionary in about 24 volumes). Does the Sutta have an alternative title used only in Burma? I am sure it can be found in AN X, if X stands for Dasaka Nipaata. So where is it ? I have only found it in the Pirit po.tha as item no .6. But this a post -canonical collection containing mostly texts from the Tipi.taka.

Is this be the sutta you are looking for: AN10.48 [PTS A. v. 87] Dasadhamma [Pabbajita­abhiṇha]?
I can’t find Ven. Nyanatiloka’s translation on the internet, so I can’t cross check it. Suttacentral offers Ven. Thanissaro’s translation.
Alex Genaud’s site ( offers translations by Piyadassi Thera and also F. L. Woodward of PTS.
I will email you Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translation (Wisdom Publication) - since it is copyrighted - for your perusal.

Sorry, no idea what the acronyms mean, other than PTS.
Hope that this is of use to you. WY