AN 6.63 - Correcting Sinhala Translations

Before this section there are two paragraphs missing based on Pali Translation. It’s missing in as well.
Corrections should be as follow.

මහණෙනි, වේදනාව දතයුතුය. වේදනාවන් ඇතිවීමේ හේතුව දතයුතුය. වේදනාවන්ගේ වෙනස දතයුතුය. වේදනාවන්ගේ විපාකය දතයුතුය. වේදනාවන් නැතිවීම හෝ නැති තැන දත යුතුය. වේදනාවන් නැතිකිරිමට ගමන් කරණ මාර්‍ගය දත යුතුය.

මහණෙනි, සඤ්ඤාව දතයුතුය. සඤ්ඤාව ඇතිවීමේ හේතුව දතයුතුය. සඤ්ඤාවන්ගේ වෙනස දතයුතුය. සඤ්ඤාවන්ගේ විපාකය දතයුතුය. සඤ්ඤාවන් නැතිවීම හෝ නැති තැන දත යුතුය. සඤ්ඤාවන් නැතිකිරිමට ගමන් කරණ මාර්‍ගය දත යුතුය.

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Thanks, I will pass this along to our Sinhala team.

We’ve just had the error confirmed, @Vimala can you add this text?

This is done. Thank you @arunalakmal! Can you please check if it is OK now.

Ayya, Janaka reports that the Sinhalese fonts are glitching on iPhone. I’ve checked that here, and can confirm the bug.

The problem seems to be something in the page code. On the Sinhalese pages, the page width isn’t correct, it allows a too-big page so you can move left and right on the page. In other languages that I tried this isn’t the case. So my guess is there’s a mistake in the HTML for the Sinhalese pages, perhaps a missing <div> or something, and that’s somehow causing the font display problems.

On a different bug, I just noticed that in the Hindi texts, I mistakenly have <meta charset="राहुल सांकृत्यायन द्वारा अनूदित"> which obviously should be <meta author="राहुल सांकृत्यायन द्वारा अनूदित">. Oops!

I’ve changed the Hindi.
Can you give me an example of where in the Sinhalese texts the error occurs? The pages I checked seemed to be OK.

I also just uploaded - can you check those as well while you are at it?

I checked a couple of MN suttas, such as MN2. I also can’t see the glitch in the page code, but the different behavior was real enough. Perhaps it’s not the page code after all, but I don’t know what else it could be. If you can’t spot it, perhaps we should ask Dave, who previously worked on the iPhone side of things, he can test it on a wider range of devices.

Fantastic, this looks amazing. It is one of the most complex texts in all Buddhist studies!

A few details:

  • Generally we prefer to use lower case when indicating “volume” in IDs. This is because it helps disambiguate, especially with the “i”. So Msv III 143 becomes Msv iii 143, and so on.
  • There’s a few verses that missed their markup here, here, and here (just above).
  • There’s a class “uddana” which is preferred for marking uddanas. Many of these can be captured with some regex, as the word “uddāna” is in them. But whether you want to do this is up to you, it’s just a refinement.
  • In Kd 17 class “add” is used where it should be class “supplied”.
  • From here there is a series of paragraph numbers that remain as plain text. I don’t know what these are, so perhaps we cannot do anything with them.
  • on /bu-pm the numbers for the rules are hyperlinked, I’m not sure what’s going on here.

If I cannot recreate the problem myself, I can only guess. I checked page codes on various pages, incl. MN1 and MN2 and they are OK - all code is there that should be there.
The only thing I can think of is that the Noto Sans Sinhala is not working well with iPhone but that is just a wild guess. So yes please, ask Dave. (or send me his email).

Thanks for checking the rest (skt-mu-kd). I will discuss this issue further via email.

I’ve done this, I’ll let you know if he’s available.