An Engaging Session in Parliament Today


Very public marriage proposals can go so terribly wrong, I bet most are made with a fair assurance of the answer. :smile:

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Thanks for posting this! The Buddhist community in Australia has been supporting this change for so many years, it is wonderful to see it finally happening, albeit too late, too expensive, and too painful. But in this clip you can see that politicians are, despite appearances, human after all. Well, some of them at least!


Well done!!!


I’ve never seen so many politicians with so many smiles of goodwill…all in the same room…as there are in the following clip!

With all the things we can find fault about - and they are many - this is something to celebrate and be proud of. Whatever else one might say about the recent Postal Survey on this matter, it showed, undeniably, that a majority of Australians value tolerance, acceptance, kindness and inclusion. I can’t help feeling proud and glad to be an Aussie. :white_flower: :australia: :heartpulse: