An opportunity! Maintenance Steward Needed for Birken Monastery

Sharing from Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery email:

New Maintenance Steward Position
Early to mid December

We are looking for a new Maintenance/Outdoor Steward starting in December.

This is very special opportunity to serve the Birken community.

During winter, the ideal candidate would be able to commit to a longer time of service. Normally we ask for 3 months. This time we are asking for 4 months or longer. Preference will be given to Canadians and a driver’s license is required.

If you are interested, please see our Resident Stewardships webpage for a job description and instructions on how to apply.

In non-Buddhist countries, remote monasteries like Birken depend on the voluntary help of long-term Resident Lay Stewards. Stewards live at the monastery full-time and volunteer their services free of charge. This is an excellent opportunity for practitioners who are looking for a simple life devoted to the Buddha’s teachings, who are inspired to do meritorious acts of service for the monastic Sangha, and who wish to dwell in the company of like-minded individuals committed to these ideals.

We look forward to welcoming you to Birken.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.