AN6.44 Migasala Sutta

I find the uploaded English version for AN 6.44 (Migasala Sutta) is different. The English link takes you to Nagasuttam (the great elephant).

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Sorry, we can’t do anything about this at the moment. The linked version on the external site does not allow internal page links, so we can only go to the page, not the actual sutta. The translation there is the second sutta on the page. This will be fixed in the future, and we will eliminate all such external sites. But it will take some time.

Meanwhile, just to let you know, when citing texts here, it’s best to use the canonical SuttaCentral form, that is, with a dot in the number, not a dash. That way our system can recognize it and create automatic links. I’ve fixed the reference in the body of your message.