Angulimala, kamma of killing need to be expiated

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So then, how likely is it that the purely doctrinal nature of the early texts was due to those who were at the Council, as opposed to being how the Buddha mainly taught?

Is there any way that we can come close to answering this question?

If these texts are relatively narrative free because it was how the Buddha taught…I wonder if this has something to do with that whole thing about teaching to those with “little dust” in their eyes?

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I think so. The overall tendency of the Buddhist tradition is to incorporate larger and more elaborate narrative structures. This began very early, with the Mahaparinibbana Sutta, which must have been a project initiated by Ven Ananda. Since this tendency is not seen in the vast majority of suttas, it is likely to have predated the influence of the redactors.

See my initial comment: I don’t think this question has ever been seriously studied. It is premature to reach for conclusions, and if we do so we will almost inevitably end up just filling the gaps with our own preconceptions. Give me some hard facts and I’ll get back to you!