Anguttara nikaya 1.277 equivalent in Ekottarikagama

Sotthi Hotu to Sangha and Dhamma friends,
I would like to know whether if there is any equivalent script of A.N. 1.277 in Ekottarikagama.

With Metta

Hi LomX,

There are a number of parallels to the passage at AN 1.277, but I am not aware of any in EA.

Thank You Very Much for the reply Bhante,

How about in another Mahayana’s scripture, is there any parallels to the passage at AN 1.277?

As to that, I am not entirely sure. Normally at SC we only cover the early Buddhist texts. It does happen sometimes that early passages are quoted in Mahayana sutra and treatises. Ven Analayo has written some essays ofn the Bahudhatuka Sutta, which contains this passage; perhaps they would mention this point.

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