Anguttara Nikaya 2.42 ff

Hello, when I access the pali text on SC there are 10 items shown on Discuss&Discover (Navigation), but when I open it, I find some funny stuff including “Back up completed successfully” (much mudita!) Same goes for all Parisa Vagga.
Oh, and under Languages there is no English transl. listed. You can, however, access an English transl. from the index, though it is not possible to navigate back from that page (Metadata not accessible).

Hope I’ve been clear! And thanks a lot for all the great work.

Thanks for the heads up. There are indeed way too many false positives for this, it seems to sweep up anything with the number 51 in it. @blake, can you look into this?

As far as the translation goes, I don’t quite undertand. What do you mean by the index? Can you give me URLs so I can see exactly what you are seeing? Thanks.

She means that the external links don’t show up in the parallels & references menu for these sutras.

From here you can access an English translation of Parisa Vagga.

From here you cannot go anywhere else.

From the pali text, if you click on Languages, the link to the English translation does not show.

Okay, thanks.

These translations are hosted on an external site. We do this sometimes as a legacy feature, when there is no alternative. That’s why there’s no navigation back from there.

As for the absence of these from the “languages” menu in the Pali text, this is a bug, they should be there. But given that it is a legacy feature, and since we aim to remove entirely our dependence on external links, I’m afraid we won’t be fixing this.

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Thank you Bhante for explaining.

It is my pleasure, Letizia.

I’ve made a fix that should hopefully make the erroneous items go away. Sometimes it takes a little while for the changes to go through.