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Dear Bhante Sujato and Blake

I was trying to access AN3:111 on Sutta Central and found myself at what seemed to be a completely different sutta. Having access to Bhikkhu Bodhi’s version, I found the Sutta Central version to be totally different.

Then, just to test out the theory that something was awry with the AN, I clicked on AN3: 104 and found myself at the exact same sutta.

To triple check, I clicked on 101 and found myself at 100 (according to the title at the top anyway).

AN3:111 is on the reading list for the upcoming workshop.

With metta


Okay, hang on…

So, I click on either AN 3:111 OR AN 3: 104, and I am taken to the same page…

And yes, I’ve just realised, there’s a whole pile of suttas on the same page…

104 is at the top and appears to correspond to 104 in Bhikkhu Bodhi’s version.

However 111 doesn’t; AN 3:111 in the Bhikkhu Bodhi version does correspond with 112 in the SC version. Is there a different numbering scheme…I vaguely remember something about that? Regardless, it should say 112 on the reading list.

With metta


On the reading list it says AN 77 & 78… should it say 76 & 77?

Hi Kay,
How are you accessing the suttas? Through the hyperlinks provided in the reading list? I was just noticing that if I go to the only English text available is the external translation by Sister Uppalavanna. Thus, the hyperlink of yields no text. So I’m not sure what “version” you’re referring to. The same goes for

@kay based on your description of a bunch of suttas on one page i suspect you viewed the page at this address

if so, the address is external and is not controlled by Suttacentral admins

Suttacentral doesn’t have its own page for these particular suttas

external links names are styled in italics

in many cases along with links to same language translations hosted externally there’s a link to a native so to speak Suttacentral page


Thanks for helping out everyone. Also just to note, don’t format sutta IDs with a colon, our system won’t recognize them. Use AN3.111 or similar, not AN3:111


@Brenna Hi :slight_smile: Yes, initially I was using the reading list and then I just went to suttacentral and clicked on the relevant nikaya…

@Lxndr …Ah…I didn’t realise that about the italics! Thank you!

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