Anicca mistranslated?

This article says that Buddhaghosa translated anicca wrongly as impermanence. Does that sound right to y’all?

Hi @Ancientmariner
Before this thread goes any deeper, I would encourage you to search this forum about “puredhamma”. It is a movement, not just a website or a blog. I am not going to comment on it, but please see several earlier threads relating to it.
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Ok sounds good I definitely will do that friend. I’m following some good teachers and I pretty much stick to sutta only practice and have just recently decided to see for myself what all the hub hub about the commentaries is all about. In other word I keep hearing STAY AWAY and keep to the suttas but that always never comes with a why. And now I feel confident enough in my knowledge of Dhamma to just read them and decide for myself. Is this making sense? Again tganx dear friend


I am closing this thread because the Pure Dhamma movement expresses views that are not condoned by Sutta Central. Discussion of their views is not considered helpful here.
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