Another Ordination For the Books

Many congratulations to @Bhikkhu_Jayasara on his upasampada! In the voice of Ajahn Brahm: Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!


I don’t know if you noticed @brenna, but I actually did a subdued Ajahn Brahm sadhu x3 at the end of the ordination, even raised my hands higher lol.

That was my “shout out” of respect to AB as he was one of four monks for whom i’d not of come this far without their teachings.


May the Devas rejoice in the next level of your practice! It is very inspiring to myself and others to see those such as yourself take on such a dedicated path! I hope to join you in this pursuit as a fellow Bhikkhu in the not too distant future!

Sadhu! SADhu!! SADHUUUUU!!!



Not to take anything away from beautiful Ajahn Brahm (because personally I think he’s the best meditation teacher and example of integrity and kindness that I’ve ever come across)…

But I would like to say that I have witnessed first hand, on more than one occasion, in pre-Ajahn Brahm days, that the Sri Lankan Buddhists would also sometimes do the high handed sadhus and could, when moved, be quite vocal in their enthusiasm. :slight_smile:

With metta :grin::wink::heartpulse::sunglasses: