Another Way of Intepreting Paticca Sammupada

From our experience after samadhi, everyone can try to see if it is right or wrong :

Avijja - ignorance- unknown - unconscious
Sankhara - volition / a mental construct/movement (no object yet but the will is on)
Vinnanam - consciousness - perceiving the object
Namarupa - name and mental image
Salayatanas - six sense media
Phassa - contact - the world created from the mind
Vedana - feeling - arise of pleasant/unpleasant/neutral of the world
Tanha - craving - reaction to the feeling -greed/hatred/fool-ignorance
Upadana - clinging - taking the reaction into the self , this is me reacting, my identity/personality
Bhava- becoming - being is borned, into time and space, at first only the body exist, now ā€˜Iā€™ also exist
Because we caught in time therefore we have past present future, birth aging death

This come from a Sri lanka monk, as it fit into many people samadhi experience on inparticular sitting, goes deep into jhana, from 1-4, then letting go material world, into arupas, then cessation of everything which fit into jhana 9 description (at least I thought so) and on the process of out of that nirodha samapatti, seen these in slow process, and then just noticed being unconscious after the 8th jhana where the mind is not perceiving anything at all.

So ā€œIā€ exist is just a concept, it is not real, we are all robots who thought that we exists. And comes the bliss of the body, which is there all along, but unnoticed because we are too busy with our delutional existence

Which also fit into the two nibbana elements in sutra ittivuttakka 44