Another Year Of Meditation

A number of years ago I decided that I wanted to meditate every day for various reasons.

To help myself get there I started the habit of writing down the day, date, and time of each formal sitting in a small spiral bound notebook. I’ve filled up several of those notebooks and today my notebook told me that I have completed my 17th year of not missing a day for meditation.

Tomorrow is Year 18, Day 1. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to tell a crowd of people who would have an appreciation for that.

Happy Thursday 2023 July 20th.


and today my notebook told me that I have completed my 17th year of not missing a day for meditation.

Wow thats really dope keep up the good work, meanwhile my lazy self has not meditated in a year :joy: :joy:


There are two types of meditation, and insight carried out during mundane daily activities is what leads to progress. Tranquillity is a necessary component, but does not necessitate sitting meditation:

" For him — uninfatuated, unattached, unconfused, remaining focused on their drawbacks — the five clinging-aggregates head toward future diminution. The craving that makes for further becoming — accompanied by passion & delight, relishing now this & now that — is abandoned by him. His bodily disturbances & mental disturbances are abandoned. His bodily torments & mental torments are abandoned. His bodily distresses & mental distresses are abandoned. He is sensitive both to ease of body & ease of awareness.

“Any view belonging to one who has come to be like this is his right view. Any resolve, his right resolve. Any effort, his right effort. Any mindfulness, his right mindfulness. Any concentration, his right concentration: just as earlier his actions, speech, & livelihood were already well-purified. Thus for him, having thus developed the noble eightfold path, the four frames of reference go to the culmination of their development. The four right exertions… the four bases of power… the five faculties… the five strengths… the seven factors for Awakening go to the culmination of their development.[1] [And] for him these two qualities occur in tandem: tranquillity & insight.”

—Majjhima Nikaya 149


I count the hours where I don’t meditate.