Antojaṭā bahijaṭā...did siva ask this?

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vipassana acharya goenkaji may have ascribed the following quote to the deva named SIVA (shiva):

Antojaṭā bahijaṭā, Jaṭāya jaṭitā pajā; Taṁ taṁ gotama pucchāmi…

did siva ask this question to the buddha? i see “devaputta” mentioned. who was the deva? do the commentaries or sub-commentaries identify the deva as siva?

i will be grateful if someone may kindly reply.

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I’m not qualified to answer, but I would suggest exploring how to use the Digital Pali Reader. Here is a search I did for that term.

There is a reference to SN 7.6: Jaṭāsutta as well as the Vsm. It’s a fairly famous quote.

this jata sutta was a question asked by bharadvaja brahmana. there is another occurrence of same lines asked by a radiant deva at jetavana. my question is about the identity of the deva.

This sutta records verses spoken by a devaputta (Bhikkhu Bodhi translated it as young deva) named Siva, not a question like in the OP: