Any blog recommendations for Buddhist Studies?

I am looking for blogs about the academic study of Buddhism, especially any that focus on philosophical issues.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Joseph you may already be aware of this blog, and it’s no longer active but it’s a treasure trove. philosophy | Sujato’s Blog


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Are there any specifics areas or questions you are interested in exploring? I may be able to offer a few suggestions.

Tom Pepper ( no longer publishes here but has discussed a lot of interesting things over the years. Glenn Wallis as well ( They both are a bit “controversial” in some ways, but have been instrumental to me in my own intellectual pursuits related to “Western Buddhism” and x-buddhism.


Thank you for the link. I found the essay “What’s so bad about mindfulness?” quite interesting. I loved his thoughts about the narratives underpinning meditative experience. I know when my practice was based on the contemporary Vipassana school, with noting the instant-by-instant flow of sounds, sentations, thoughts, etc., I sometimes felt the noting practice was creating the experience of the world as a flow of these sounds, sentations, thoughts, etc., rather than uncovering it. Very interesting. Thanks.


You got it. Tom has a lot of great insights in those writings … some may not be for everybody; nonetheless, I have found them very valuable over the years. Glad you found some benefit.

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