Any Info on B Sujato's book 'Beginnings'?

I was a little late to the topic on Gil Fronsdal’s rebirth views. Anyhow, though, @sujato said this

He goes on to discuss DN 27 Agaññasutta, which I have centered and talked about repeatedly for many years. I wrote a whole book, Beginnings on the topic. (It’s awesome, cool pictures and everything!) And I’m far from alone, there’s a large academic literature on this topic.

I never knew about this book; and it does seem that it is out of print/out of stock at budaedu. I understand it’s child-focused: is that right? If so (even if not), how do I/we get this book available again–even as just a pdf or something?


This may be of use:


Got it. Thank you, Bhante.

(Indeed, instead of running all around the internet, common sense would have us just look around the suttacentral archives, wouldn’t it?)