Any knowledge if we have this quote in Thera Vinaya also?

I found it in a book.

Gautama Buddha himself enlisted the various
duties of the students in the Vinaya texts: "Let the bhikshu give to the preceptor the teeth-cleaner and water to rinse his mouth with, then let him prepare a seat. If there is rice milk let him rinse the jug and offer rice milk to the
5 preceptor. When he had drunk it let him give water .

The footnote says Mahavagga. I, 25;8

How do I find it? Help me please.

oh I figured. I didn’t know thats how good search in google is now. Long time I didnt use so much. Weird because it’s a direct Theravada vinaya but it confused me how it’s translated. I thought it’s another vinaya. Excuse :man_facepalming:t3: