Any PHP coders? Little help needed for Rohingya crisis site

Is there anyone here who can help with a Wordpress and PHP-related question?

I’m working on a site to raise awareness in the global Buddhist community about the Rohingya crisis. We have a petition people can sign, and we will direct people to credible organizations to make donations.

It is a Wordpress site. People sign the petition through WPForms, and we want the signatures to automatically display on the site. We need to customize our WPForms Display, so that the only fields showing are ID #0, ID#4, ID #3. ID #0 is Name, which currently displays as two separate lines, we would like that to be a single line.

Can anyone help with this?

Here is the basic code; we just need to specify which fields are shown/not shown: Display Form Entries – WPForms Developer Docs

Any suggestions are much appreciated!


Sorry I can’t do PHP, but thank you for helping with this.


wordpress and PHP is my area. Shoot me a PM and I’ll see if I can help


Just started learning it a few months ago. Wonderful language. I can’t remember the last time I wrote that.

The most valuable tech tip anyone could ever receive is to paste an error message or a tech question into Google.

Many people have likely asked your question before, and your question is likely already answered in, the relevant post of which will likely come up near the top of your search results.

Good Luck!

Can translate a dead and ancient language. Can’t do PHP :-).


Thanks for the replies @Jhana4. I tried Google and Stack Exchange first. @Pasanna was very helpful, ultimately leading to me realize I need another solution!