Any recommendation for a durable tie pin or headset microphone for coming retreats of Tilorien Monastery?

Hello all,

We are looking on behalf of Samita vzw and Tilorien Monastery for durable tie pin or headset microphones that can be used for the coming Retreat at Huy in Belgium under guidance of Bhante Sujato (28/12/2019 till 08/01/2020). As we’d like to use them for future retreats as well, we consider investing in microphones that have a very good price-quality ratio. I know how to make audiorecords as I studied film directing but my experience with this smaller microphones is limited. It would be lovely if you share your good experiences with us :slight_smile: Which brand, which model, which specific recommendations and would you suggest tie pins of headsets when used in a normal, rectangular room? I guess tie pins are the better option if we consider price-quality ratio. I have a Zoom H4N which can be used to plug the microphones in. Would you have any specific recommendation, Bhante Sujato? Thank you all very much in advance! With Metta, Teresia


Hello there Teresia and weolcome to the forum :slight_smile: :anjal:

I guess monastics and speakers in general might have very little knowledge about audio equipment, as far as I know. They’re most concerned with the talk rather than equipment behind it.

I would recommend you ask on this forum:

There you have place to ask questions about good equipment for reasonable prices:

This forum is full of very high professionals in audio engineering, they will give you great advice for sure, and I’m certain someone there will know a lot about this subject.

I have my own home recording studio, but I’m not really into pin/headsets, so can’t help you, but I know this forum is really professional and got some very good advice there in the past.

With metta and good luck :slight_smile: :anjal:


I suggest asking @sujato . As a former musician he knows these things well.

[Edit: I see now that you were asking Bhante Sujato but just hadn’t tagged him. On the small chance you don’t already know know how: type the @ sign, then start typing his name until name options pop up, and click on his name.]



I worked with filmmakers a couple of years ago. For the project (which involved filming a ritual in India), I believe we used this wireless set-up (with extra lavalier mics):ØDELink-Filmmaker/dp/B00TV90DX0/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=rodelink+wireless+lavalier&qid=1573926882&sr=8-4

If you don’t need a wireless setup, you can buy the microphone by itself:

Results were very good.


Hello Teresia, and welcome to the forum! Thank you so much for taking care for recordings for Samita and Tilorien Monastery. :heart:

For the equipment, maybe @michaelh can also give some advise?


At Bodhinyana Monastery they have started using what I presume is a ‘throat’ microphone. As a listener, I was very impressed at the sound quality, though it looks a little uncomfortable. Perhaps Ven @Brahmali can give feedback


The one we use at Bodhinyana looks like this. It’s known as a “necklace microphone”. It’s quite comfortable. As for technical details, I have no idea.


Thank you all very much for your very sincere help with this topic!
I’ll follow the good recommendations that have been exchanged.
Have a beautiful day and with Metta! Teresia


I bought this recently and it has been excellent

It is wireless and I hook the receiver up to my iPhone - also has a input for a small mic if you want to put a head set on.

Lithium Ion Batteries inside so no changing batteries and it has a readout of the battery remaining.
I will last at least 6 hours on a full charge.

You will need an extra cable to go from the receiver to the iPhone.

The mic on the transmitter is very good and also comes with wind caps for windy conditions.

both clip on and also work with pro gear.

about $200 USD plus about $12 for the extra cable.

This headset has been good - though I have not used it as much as expected because the above is so good I just don’t go with a headset often.



Well thanks a lot, sir, for the information.
We just bought some other mics a couple of days ago and are all right now. But I will remember your good advice!