Any script for Sihala Vatthupakarana

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Dhamma friends!

Is there any reverence or person who can help me with the script version of Sihala Vatthupakarana?

If so, please send me via

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Dear Ven,

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Can you give us some more details about what exactly you are looking for?

Yes, Bhante!, sorry for being unable to reply you. The Vatthupakaraṇa is actually, the aṭṭhakathā (commentary) to kathāvatthu which is the fifth book from the 7 series of the Abhidhamma piṭaka. I was looking for the script version of Sinhala script for textual editing. Since you have worked with authenticity of early Buddhist text, I thought you might happen to come across with that script. Therefore, I asked for help but just in case.

“Sukhito hotu, Bhante”

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Hello Ven. Pannasiri

Did you get access to the text you needed in the last two years since you posted your question? I’m sure Ven. Sujato is far more knowledgeable and has access to more information than I do, but in case it might help here is a suggestion.

You could try converting the Thai edition (available in Thai script or Roman script) to Sinhala script using an online tool. I am happy to assist you in finding or converting any passages if needed.



Oh okay. Well, I’m afraid I don’t know anything about this particular one. You might want to check this essay, it has a large listing of different manuscripts.

You might also contact the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in SL, they have been surveying manuscripts for the past few years.

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Thank you, Bhante. I have already checked this large listing of different manuscripts. But, not therein.

Oh, I am glad to hear your kindly assistance. Indeed, I went to several temple for this script but didn’t get it. It will be appreciated if you could find it. The name is “Vatthupakaraṇa”.

And thank you so much for online tool and other links for script. I myself will try to use that tool in some case. If you have some more handy tools, please be kindly contribute by sharing it. “Bhavatu jayamaṅgalaṃ”

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