Apostrophes in PTS, but not in SC

Dhamma Greetings,

I just stumbled upon this little thing in the Sutta Nipata (Snp 4.14):

In the PTS-version there are apostrophes (which makes sense, doesn’t it?)
'mantā asmīti' sabba­mu­parun­dhe,
but not in the SC-version
Mantā asmīti sabba­mu­parun­dhe.

Is that a mistake or intention?

Thank you @Mirco. I’m just tagging in Ajahn @Brahmali to comment on this.

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The apostrophes have been added to the PTS version to make it clear that it is a quote. But the fact that it is a quote is already clear form the Pali, that is, the ending ti in asmīti. It is not really required to add Western punctuation to a Pali text, since if you know Pali, you will also know that the ti ending signifies quotation. Also, the text on SuttaCentral is an international text, whereas the PTS version is meant more for a Western audience.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Sure. Thanks a lot, Venerables! :pray:

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