Appreciating the good within us

I think a lot of times we just don’t see the value of the good that’s already in us. We get so overwhelmed when the “bad” qualities arise but when the good arise, there is not that much of an effect. Little thoughts of kindness, even being interested in learning the dhamma, is actually a blessing from our past good karma. Some people I’ve seen are just handicapped in the ability to be kind, some people get interested in the wrong things in life and poof… a human life wasted. To see what’s right and what’s wrong even to a coarse level is a blessing. Imagine how bad our lives would become without that. Being able to be gentle, humble and kind, is something to appreciate within us. We need to see them and be happy and grateful we are able to do so.



Often we take our life or situation for granted and focus on a few unwanted or unfortunate circumstances. This perspective leads to negative thinking, which often leads to wasting wonderful opportunities. So, it’s important to recognise, appreciate, and be grateful for the fortunate circumstances that we have available to us and not waste them.