( Approaching..) not traced stanza in Vimuttimagga

Finding a suitable opportunity, one should inform him (the teacher) concerning the reason for one’s coming there thus: “O teacher, kindly listen to me”. If the teacher listens, one should tell him regarding all one’s wants.
The teacher will say, "Sadhu, I will instruct you in the regular manner. You
should observe well. Therefore, the Blessed One uttered these stanzas:-

'One goes, when 'tis the right and proper time, with lowly heart devoid of thoughts of pride,
to him who guards the Law with holiness. As when no wayward winds assail a tree,
in pleasant practice of the Law he dwells, feeding on the joyous calm of truth.
Thus dwelling in the Law he knows the Law and so expounds that others too may know
The Sublime Law, just as it truly is.
He never speaks in dispraise of the Law,
jests not. flatters not, speaks no fearful words. He has done with ill will and slothfulness.
He dwells not in anger, revenge, greed or pride, is not deluded, craves not, is not attached.
Thus does he practise, conquer, and reject. Conceit of righteous life he does not nurse.
Sincere are his words and always true.
For meditation’s sake he knows and learns.
The self-indulgent, heedless, feckless man, unsuited ever is to know the truth,
and is not one who grows in wisdom’s light. If there’s a man conversant with the Law,
a winner of the homage of gods and men, whose lustrous splendour adds to his faith,
who by much learning ably guards the Law, who is a happy hearer of tidings glad, possessor of an ample stock of virtues good,
a follower of truth and a practiser-well, who causes the arising of excellent wit,
and who has himself reached high wisdom’s peak — if there is such a teacher — under him,
should one with zeal unremitting practise well”


I imagine myself sometimes just wandering looking for a teacher. :blush:

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