Are attachment, aversion, ignorance Kamma?

Are attachment, aversion, ignorance Kamma?
Are they leading to a bad destination?
If they are not Kamma how do they lead you to a bad destination?

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Imo, underlying (anusaya) ignorance is not kamma although ignorance manifest/clung to as personal confusion is kamma; aversion very rarely is not kamma & will generally be kamma because aversion is very quickly & easily clung to; and attachment is always (mental) kamma.

This mental kamma leads to a bad destination because the mind suffers when it has confusion & aversion that is grasped as attachment. :seedling:

I tell you, is kamma. Intending, one does kamma by way of body, speech and mind. AN 6.63

Burning… with the fire of hatred… SN 35.28

There is no fire… no crime like hatred. Dhp 202

‘I am’ is a conceiving. Conceiving is a disease, conceiving is a tumour, conceiving is a dart. MN 140

When one is touched by a neither-painful-nor-pleasant feeling, if one does not understand as it actually is the origination, the disappearance, the gratification, the danger and the escape in regard to that feeling, then the underlying tendency to ignorance lies within one. Bhikkhus, that one shall here and now make an end of suffering… without extirpating the underlying tendency to ignorance in regard to neither-painful-nor-pleasant feeling, without abandoning ignorance and arousing true knowledge—this is impossible. MN 148


Thank you, D.

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Intention is kamma. Craving, aversion and ignorance lead to intentions based on their particular motivations.
They are called the roots of kamma (kusala/akusala mula) for this reason.

What determines rebirth are: craving, ignorance, future plane of existence (bhava) and kamma (sutta…).

Craving (tanha) leads to attachment (upadana) which in turn leads to bhava. Bhava can be a sensual realm (kama bhava), fine-material realm (rupa bhava) and immaterial realm (arupa bhava).

An avid jhana practitioner (for example) if he becomes attached to Rupa jhana might be reborn in a Rupa brahma world. He/she would make anenjabhi kusala kamma when adverting into a jhana, which would again direct that person to that realm.

Therefore the three poisons, can lead to a bad (or good) destination as above.

“Thus kamma is the field, consciousness the seed, and craving the moisture. The consciousness of living beings hindered by ignorance & fettered by craving is established in/tuned to a refined property. Thus there is the production of renewed becoming in the future. This is how there is becoming.” AN3.76

"For him — infatuated, attached, confused, not remaining focused on their drawbacks — the five clinging-aggregates head toward future accumulation. The craving that makes for further becoming — accompanied by passion & delight, relishing now this & now that — grows within him. MN149

"The eye [ear, nose tongue, touch, mind], monks, is to be regarded as old kamma, brought into existence and created by intention, forming a basis for feeling. This, monks, is called ‘old kamma.’ SN 35.145

with metta

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Can I say that attachment, aversion, and ignorance are the results of old Kamma?

According to the Dependant origination that is correct. They are also the cause of kamma as well, as it is cyclical, until broken. This explains why the ending of kamma is said to be the Noble Eightfold Path as it gets rid of ignorance and craving.

With metta

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