Are there any suttas which can help lay-people to be prosperous and successful?

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I experientially know the effects of karaniy-metta sutta, as I used to have horror dreams almost everyday. Certain venerable monk advised me to chant karaniy-metta sutta before sleeping, and well it amazingly stopped bad dreams, I stopped having such dreams. I can have very peaceful sleep. Even now I chant it.

There are suttas which help in almost all the aspects of life such as angulimala sutta is said to help in easy delivery of child and to reduce the discomfort of mother…paritta chanting gives protection from evil spirits/negative energies, so in the same way I was wondering if there are any suttas which help in achieving worldy wealth, success and prosperity for lay people?

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The happiness of ownership, using wealth, debtlessness, and blamelessness.

AN 4.62 SuttaCentral

And lay the seeds for the future…

MN 135 SuttaCentral


Try AN 4.197


AN 8.54 SuttaCentral

DN 31 SuttaCentral

There are many relevant dhammas & suttas listed here: A CONSTITUTION FOR LIVING2


SN 55.7: Veḷudvāreyyasutta is quite on point:

“Master Gotama, these are our wishes, desires, and hopes. We wish to live at home with our children; to use sandalwood imported from Kāsi; to wear garlands, perfumes, and makeup; and to accept gold and money. And when our body breaks up, after death, we wish to be reborn in a good place, a heavenly realm. Given that we have such wishes, may the Buddha teach us the Dhamma so that we may achieve them.”