Are translators directly invited to donate their translations here?

I’ve been doing a sutta a day for the past few months. I really enjoy being able to click on the “meta data” link and see different translators each time.

I think it gives a valuable perspective to see how different translators, translate differently.

I was wondering if translators are directly invited to contribute their work?

I know that sometime in the past after was made static one could download all of the content, so many of Thanisarro Bhikkhu’s translations could easily be added ( or am I being foolish in not noticing if that is already the case ? ).

Hi, and thanks for the question.

To be honest, we don’t really have a systematic policy about translations. We just try to find the best ones we can, contact the translators if possible, or otherwise ensure that the licencing is valid, and then prepare the texts. In some cases we work directly with the translators, in other cases, we don’t.

Our system defines texts per language, not author, so we can’t have more than one translation per language. In our new site we’ll fix this limitation. When that happens, if people want to submit new translations for consideration, we’d be delighted to have a look at it.

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