Ariṭṭha? What sutta comes to mind when you read this?

I was wondering what sutta quotes come to mind for you that would would aid in seeing this story from a dhammic perspective, it would be more kusalic & anudhamma if hassa-joking, makkha -contempt, denigration, self righteousness, conceit, views etc could be avoided in the ensuing discussion.

First sutta quote:
M 22…alagadd’ūpama
The Blessed One has stated that sensual pleasures provide little gratification, much suffering and despair, and that the danger in them is still more.

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That`s what happens when things gets mixed.

From the perspective of dhamma-vinaya, if one cannot carry on with the monastic livelihood he is free to disrobe at any time. That should not make him less or more Buddhist, it only reflects the factors of renunciation and virtue are not yet fully developed.

From the perspective of vinaya rules, the bhikkhu status is foregone as of the acts captured under parajika rules. It is a pity he kept that from others.

I suspect it has to do with his involvement with charitable initiatives which leveraged from his personality as a foreigner monk living in Thailand and helping poor people there.

Above all, it is not on us to judge or criticize the individual. As long as we are still on the path, we are all subject to the risk of making the same or similar mistake.

Last but not least, I dont think this thread belongs to Q&A section. May we move it to Watercooler?


Definitely not a q&a topic. I moved it.

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I will put on my pedantic hat :cowboy_hat_face: for a moment and correct those headlines for the record he left the monkhood the moment he had sex. No “to be” or “after” about it.