Arthaviniścaya in English & Sanskrit uploaded

I’ve uploaded the English translation of the Arthaviniścaya. With much gratitude to Ānandajoti Bhikkhu. :anjal: For original translation see


Amazing stuff! :anjal:

unfortunately not entirely based on the Nikayas, at least not to the extent of my familiarity with them

Now also the Sanskrit version of Prof. N. H. Samtani has been uploaded. Reproduced by Ānandajoti Bhikkhu and based on the edition by Prof. N. H. Samtani in The Arthaviniścaya-sūtra & its commentary (Nibandhana) (Patna, 1971), updated to include the corrections he printed in that work on pp. 180-181, most of which were also printed in his translation of the same, Gathering the Meanings (Berkeley, 2002), on pp. 309-310.
Original translation with comments to be found at

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