Artificial Intelligence and consciousness (being)

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Taking it as a physical process is not correct.


Buddhism never explains a way of existance that arises materialistically. Materialism is something that has a non-action approach, which mostly believes there is no after death. According to science, life on earth was arised from a set of random reactions which has given rise to the formation of biological polymers. This is a random process where it modern science is silent about how the being or consciousness arised. Especially, modern psycologists believe existance of a being is a result of complex chemical reactions of the brain. Therefore, they have no particular reason to explain how exactly the existance of a being appeared within a body. Thus, we can conclude that this is an ahetuappaccayāvāda.
Some of those scientist still believe there is a
As explained in the Almighty Creator(issaranimmānavāda), and they are trying to challenge him, achieving his powers.

However, the blessed one denied both of these, and explained what exactly is the right way of explaining the existance of beings and how to get rid of samsāra achieving Nibbāna in AN 3.61.

Supported by the six elements, an embryo is conceived. When it is conceived, there are name and form. Name and form are conditions for the six sense fields. The six sense fields are conditions for contact. Contact is a condition for feeling. Itā€™s for one who feels that I declare: ā€˜This is sufferingā€™ ā€¦ ā€˜This is the origin of sufferingā€™ ā€¦ ā€˜This is the cessation of sufferingā€™ ā€¦ ā€˜This is the practice that leads to the cessation of suffering -so on-
Sectarian Tenets AN3.61

Please read the complete sutta


The second part of my response mentioned that the body is taken up through the relinking process of kamma and craving, thus, not entirely materialistic.

We are in agreement. Modern science is not complete especially because of their approach to the world. They have the preconceived approach that the world is physical and try to understand the world with physical means and thus come to physicalist conclusions.

What I was trying to explain with the sourced sutta is that the body arises through physical means in which the mind takes up. One doesnā€™t create the other, yet, they are causally linked. Any stance, however, is not in accordance with the Dhamma, as the Buddha avoided these questions. Either way is unfalsifiable. I will go out on a limb though and say that each process is exclusive to itself. The process of a body a body being made does require a great deal of effort from beings outside of the one seeking rebirth. To use a gross example. A person may want a house to live in, however, they canā€™t build it themselves. It requires the work of those who are capable of building a house before they can move into it. The house only came about when the conditions of desire and intention for a house and those who could build it came into contact.

Just for comparison here is Bhikkhu Bodhiā€™s translation:

In dependence on the six elements the descent of a future embryo occurs.