As a monastic what suttas and chantings are you expected to be able to chant by heart?

Just interested in learning about the suttas and chants that monks in the Theravada tradition are commonly required to know by heart. I want to try to learn and understand them and see if it is beneficial to my own practice.

Because more often than not I just repeat whatever the monks chant with no idea of what the chantings mean.

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Depends on the temple. A good place to start would be the morning and evening chants in the Dhammayut Order Chanting Book:

or in the Western Ajahn Chah book:

Both these books contain English translations that can also be chanted. You’ll start to absorb the meaning in a few months doing it every day


Try the collections put together by Ven Anandajoti . There are multiple formats available, which make them very portable.


Thank you Kindly, Bhante

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