ASA conference 2018 at Jhana Grove

Since I arrived at Bodhinyana a few days ago, they’ve hosted the 2018 Australian Sangha Association conference. The ASA was set up nearly 15 years ago by a group of senior monastics in Australia, with myself doing a lot of the leg work. The latest conference was lovely, and a great chance to meet monastics from all traditions, from all over Australia. Ayya Hasapaññā was re-elected as the president.

The day after the conference a training workshop on nuns’ Vinaya was held by Ayya Pasada. As one of her teachers, I was so proud to see her stepping into a teaching role!

So here’s a photo of (some) of the happy monastics from the 2018 ASA conference.


That explains the good vibes I have been feeling coming from southeast of Perth recently! :sunglasses: