Ashokan Pillar Edicts: Replicas from Wat Umong, Chiang Mai

For those interested, that can access Facebook pages, I posted some photos that I took yesterday at the historic Wat Umong in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was interesting to see the text; I hope viewers can see the small text in the varied languages.


Nice, thanks. I love Wat Umong! It’s full of amazing stuff. If you get the chance, have a wander round the forest at the back of the monastery; there’s all kinds of ancient stupas and things, just ruins among the trees. No idea how old they are.

And the Library! It has books that are many hundreds of years old, in Latin and Greek. Not to mention a manual of 19th century French witchcraft.


Thanks, Bhante! I tried a few times during the morning to get into the library, but it was locked. I am planning to be in Chiang Mai a few times a year, and had the thought to help organize the library a bit. It looked fine, it’s large, many stacks of books with desks for reading, but a lot of books and manuals on the floor that need sorting. I’ll maybe try to help out this way and be somewhat useful to the Bhikkhus if they’ll let me help.

To note, I purchased at an old self serve kiosk “Buddhist Social Work” by one of the Wat Umong monks, Phra Songserm Kesaradhammo. It’s a well written English language book on the application of Dhamma to social work, and provides case studies in Thailand of monks and nuns (special emphasis is placed on the equality and value of ordained and lay women at this Wat) that do incredible work on behalf of the poor, abandoned, and marginalized. It is nice to have a text that illustrates the nexus between Dhamma and active compassionate work.

Once I can achieve 1st Jhana, I’m going to work on some French witchcraft techniques. :smile: