Asokan Edicts


Greetings to All:

Can anyone point me towards something on Ashokan Edicts? sort of a textual study more than an historical or anthropological study (except insofar as it goes to support elucidating the texts, of course).

Mainly I’m looking for the inscriptions themselves: I need the English, but would love it if the original texts themselves were included.

I’m searching on-line myself; but, as I know we have quite a few serious scholars here, I thought perhaps a more educated opinion might yield better results.

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance.


This has the English translation of all the edicts, but not the original texts.

Maybe you could go through this text while referring to online resources (below)for photographs etc of the original inscriptions?


For a serious study, you’ll want to check the research of KR Norman.


Perhaps " Inscriptions of Asoka" by Eugen Hultzsch.

see Inscriptions of Asoka (1877 edition) | Open Library


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Check out Sircar, D. C. (1959). Inscriptions of Asoka


Thank you to everyone for your help. I’ve also found a couple of others online. Thanks again for your help!