Attending IRL Pāli course starting from tomorrow!

Bhonto!!! :anjal:

I’m going to attend Pāli language class, starting from tomorrow, at a Theravada Buddhist monastery! A monk will teach me, an old layman, with three novices! :blush:

(I just did a 13 pages of prerequisite Pāli grammar book (of 200ish pages) a few mins ago. :smile: )

If you people have any questions concerning Pāli and some other Buddhism related questions that you want me to ask my teacher, please feel free to post here. I’ll try my best to be a good medium for you.

Thank you!

May you live healthy and happy always!



Hey, thanks, that’s very cool. Please pay respects to your teacher for me, and I wish you the best in your studies and practice. :pray:


Thank you very much, bhante sujato. I will.

May you have a good day! :anjal: