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Atthasuttaṃ - The useful

“Bhikkhus, I will teach the useful and the useless, listen and attend carefully to it. Bhikkhus, what is the useless?

Wrong view, wrong thoughts, wrong speech, wrong actions, wrong livelihood, wrong endeavour, wrong mindfulness, wrong concentration, wrong knowledge and wrong release. Bhikkhus, these are said to be useless.

Bhikkhus, what is the useful?

Right view, right thoughts, right speech, right actions, right livelihood, right endeavour, right mindfulness, right concentration, right knowledge and right release. Bhikkhus, these are said to be useful.

Anatta-lakkhana sutta -Discouse on the not-self carachateristic



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Hi Mat, thanks for a great quote. Could you please give an SC reference to the Atthasuttaṃ? I would love to see the Pali text :slight_smile:

Thank Vstakan, it’s AN 10.137.

Attarakkhita sutta shows the context in which the meaning of the word atta can be understood from:
In Sinhalese:

අත්තරක්ඛිත ( රක්ඛිතන්ත ) සූත්‍රය

මා විසින් මෙසේ අසන ලදී. එක් කලෙක භාග්‍යවතුන් වහන්සේ සැවැත් නුවර සමීපයෙහිවූ අනේපිඬු සිටාණන් විසින් කරවන ලද ජේතවනාරාමයෙහි වැඩවසන සේක එකල්හි පසේනදි කොසොල් රජතෙමේ භාග්‍යවතුන් වහන්සේ යම් තැනකද එතැනට පැමිණියේය. පැමිණ, වැඳ එකත් පසෙක හුන්නේය.

එකත්පසෙක හුන් පසේනදි කොසොල්රජ භාග්‍යවතුන් වහන්සේට මෙය කීයේය. ’’ස්වාමීනි, හුදකලාව විවේකීව හුන් මට මෙබඳු විතර්‍කයක් පහළවිය. එනම්:- කවුරුන් විසින් තමා [me] නොරක්නා ලදද, කවුරුන් විසින් තමා [me] රක්නා ලදද?’’ යනුයි.

’’ස්වාමීනි, ඒ මට මේ සිත විය… SN3.5

The two words were found in two suttas in the same page, in context:
Attānarakkhita sutta - Unprotected Self
Atthakaraṇa sutta - Giving Judgement

with metta :anjal:


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Attha is also found in one of the most famous buddhist suttas - the Metta (Karaniyamatta sutta), in the first word itself. Karaniyamattha later became karaniyametta, as I understand it, to reflect the metta teaching in it.

Who seeks to promote his welfare…
Snp 1.8

Attha I have been told has a deep meaning- it means one’s ultimate welfare; that which is ultimately good for oneself. Attha-kusala is supposed to mean the wholesome acts one performs with this aim in mind. This refers of course to treading the Noble Eightfold Path. Karaniyamatta sutta details the attitudes, sentiments and behaviours of a ‘true’ practitioner who is bent on realizing what is ultimately best for him or herself.

with metta