'Attribution' itself and it's weird uncanny relations to copyright

How are we to go about politely acknowledging that a translation has been Ven @sujato’s? This is a website with frequent Pāli-English correspondences in discussions, and Ven Sujato’s are likely to be amongst the most frequently cited.

Given the frequency of times that Pāli-English correspondences might come up within a given thread or post, given the purview of the discussions here, it is likely that constantly saying (trans. Sujato), or something of the like might get endlessly tedious to read.

This intersects with a matter that is actually potentially more serious, and I debated putting this in the Discussion board instead of the Watercooler, but I am hoping that maybe having it in the Watercooler, a place for light sensitive discussion, it might be best for it.

Some user’s here, read dharma languanges, and post their own translations of material, Buddhavacana in nature.

I also do this, but I am only a amatuer linguistics enthusiast, with absolutely no professional credentials or qualifications. I do try to make this clear in all of the threads I participate in, but I am wondering if I should do it exhaustively, all of the time, even if I am sure, IMO, beyond a reasonable doubt, that I am saying something accurate.

Feedback with regards to this last issue, either here publicly or via PM, would be much appreciated.


Ideally we’d have a “transclusion” mechanism; it’s in the 2do list. (BTW, have you heard of the Xanadu project? It is one of my favorite tech stories; if it had worked, none of this would be an issue!)

Otherwise, just say the translator’s name, I guess.

I think repeatedly mentioning the translator’s name is the very least we can do considering the monumental work they have done creating the translation.

I don’t know if this is the right thread to ask, but what is the suggested attribution when the text has been modified slightly by changing a few words? Should we just say “Based on the translation by Bhikkhu Sujato.”?

Sure, that would be fine.


Fair enough. I think (tr. Sujato) or even (Sujato) might be one of the concisest ways to do that.

As a general question:
Is there a shorthand for translators used here? Is there something like SN22.54suj? Or say AN5.176ṭhā?

So, I know not everyone would agree, but I feel, again, that including Bhante, Ayya, Bhikkhu, Bhikkhuni, or Ven. in front of the name of monastics is the least we can do to show respect. Because SC is a multicultural space, it’s good to remember that in traditional Buddhist countries lay people (and junior monastics) will never even speak a senior monk’s name, let a lone use it without a title.

This is just something to consider. I know that in academic settings titles are never used, but I also know this is disturbing to some Asian monastics.

As far as how it appears in url’s, I don’t think the titles are needed cause it’s kind of behind the scenes.

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No, there’s no shorthand, and even in our URLs we spell the name out in full, i.e /sujato or /thanissaro.

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