Audio of Pali Alphabet

Does anyone have or know of or would anyone be willing to create an audio of the Pali letters, in Pali order? It would be so helpful to have to listen to and maybe even make a little song of for memorizing them.

You may already know of this but the Pali Text Society produced a cassette, later on CD, of pronunciation of the Pali alphabet, based on A.K.Warder’s book, Introduction to Pali, with Ven. H. Saddhatissa’s pronunciation. The disc also contains suttas recited by the Venerable

It would be a good idea, let’s see if anyone knows of one online.

A quick and dirty tip: Pali pronunciation is a lot like Italian! The vowels are pretty much identical.


Another resource: In his Pali course, Bhikkhu Bodhi goes through the alphabet, pronouncing the letters and giving examples of words using that letter. He does this in lesson 1, starting about minute 43:

The full course is here.

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