KN Dhp Dhammapada, English, Ven. Buddha-Rakkhita translated, Ven. Bkh reading

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This was recorded in 2011, but I’ve changed the metadata slightly, made the album [KN Dhp] instead of [KN], so it works better IMO in mp3/media players. It’s uploaded now to as well, instead of googleserver for that could disappear in case we forget to renew the annual domain license for example.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I listen to a recording read by an ordained mendicant, I get at least 30% more enjoyment from listening to it, all other things being equal (microphone quality, voice acting, etc). I really wish we can get more mendicants to record sutta readings.

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Dhammapada (English) read by Bhikkhu Kh. in 2011
Translator: Buddharakkhita , sutta text
Read by Bhikkhu Kh.
recorded on october 2011 licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0 , sutta text ©1985 BPS

KN Dhp 01 Yamakavagga: Pairs 5 MB
KN Dhp 02 Appamādavagga: Heedfulness 3 MB
KN Dhp 03 Cittavagga: The Mind 3 MB
KN Dhp 04 Pupphavagga: Flowers 4 MB
KN Dhp 05 Bālavagga: The Fool 4 MB
KN Dhp 06 Paṇḍitavagga: The Wise 3.3 MB
KN Dhp 07 Arahantavagga: The Arahant or Perfected One 2.8 MB
KN Dhp 08 Sahassavagga: The Thousands 3.6 MB
KN Dhp 09 Pāpavagga: Evil 3.2 MB
KN Dhp 10 Daṇḍavagga: Violence 4.3 MB
KN Dhp 11 Jarāvagga: Old Age 2.8MB Download
KN Dhp 12 Attavagga: The Self 2m 50s 2.6MB Download
KN Dhp 13 Lokavagga: The World 3m 4s 2.8MB Download
KN Dhp 14 Buddhavagga: The Buddha 5m 1s 4.6MB Download
KN Dhp 15 Sukhavagga: Happiness 3m 19s, 3.0 MB Download
KN Dhp 16 Piyavagga: Affection 3m 26s, 3.1 MB Download
KN Dhp 17 Kodhavagga: Anger 3m 0s, 3.7 MB Download
KN Dhp 18 Malavagga: Impurity 5m 50s, 5.3 MB Download
KN Dhp 19 Dhammatthavagga: The Just 4m 36s, 4.2 MB Download
KN Dhp 20 Maggavagga: The Path 4m 58s, 4.5 MB Download
KN Dhp 21 Pakiṇṇakavagga: Miscellaneous 4m 47s, 4.4 MB Download
KN Dhp 22 Nirayavagga: Hell 4m 5s, 3.7 MB Download
KN Dhp 23 Nāgavagga: The Elephant 4m 11s, 3.8 MB Download
KN Dhp 24 Taṇhavagga: Craving 8m 16s, 7.6 MB Download
KN Dph 25 Bhikkhuvagga: The Monk 7m 4s, 6.5 MB Download
KN Dhp 26 Brāhmaṇavagga: The Holy Man 12m 46s, 11.7 MB Download