MN 125 Eng. B.Sujato, PL (proof listening) needed, 30min

audio here: mn125 eng suj test PL : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

There is one tiny change I made, where the 2nd jhana happens, I read the entire second jhana formula in pali, instead of the abbreviated English version of it.

I also filled in the abbreviated sections from the SC original that reference MN 107 for shared pericopes, so you will need to proof listen against this text :

MN 125 gradual training of wild elephant, Pali+Eng, B.Sujato trans

The whole sutta is 30min, but you can PL any section or sections:

MN 125 Danta-bhūmi (Tamed-level)
    (prince J. doesn’t think that teaching can lead to ekagga citta)
    (simile of well trained elephants)
    (simile of standing on mountain seeing clearly)
    (simile of training wild elephant)
    (Buddha is like the wild elephant trainer)
    (renounce, shave head, work on sīla)
    (guard sense doors)
    (moderation in eating)
    (S&S: sati & sampajāno)
    (5niv hindrance removal)
    (4sp satipatthana nonstop, like elephant tethered to post)
    (do 4sp with no kāma-vitakka/thoughts of sensuality)
    (skip first jhāna, go directly to 2nd jhāna, since first jhāna can have thoughts connected to Dhamma)
    (imperturbability/āneñjappatte, the dynamic form of 4th jhāna)
    (#4 of 6: higher knowledge of reviewing past lives)
    (#5 of 6: higher knowledge of divine eye sees kamma and rebirth of beings)
    (#6 of 6: higher knowledge of destruction of āsavas, i.e. arahant)
    (mark of sammā samādhi is khamo/patient endurance of any unpleasant experience)