Aukana Trust?

Is anyone familiar with this group?

They seem to have an affinity with Theravada, but are not part of any traditional community. The website says they’ve been going since 1986 so I’m surprised I’ve never heard of them.

I haven’t had any direct contact with it, but I know a little about it because several of my friends and teachers are friends of the founder, Alan James (ex-Bhikkhu Dīpadhammo).

The trust is mainly concerned with running a meditation centre that teaches Mahasi-style vipassanā as Alan learned it from his teacher, Bhikkhu Kapilavaddho (William Purfurst) in the late 1960’s. It differs from other such groups in that it also supports a resident community of male and female celibate mendicants, (though not officially bhikkhus or bhikkhunis – it’s a modern order with a pātimokkha composed by Alan James … basically the Pali pātimokkha minus whatever rules James thought irrelevant for modern times).

I think very few people have heard of them as they’re not at all into advertising themselves and have no interest in any sort of engagement with other Buddhist groups.