Automatic links to Agamas from Forum?

It’s great that we can type MN1, MN 1, etc and get an automatic link. Is it possible to implement this for other than Pali texts? For example, there was some recent discussion about the translation of MA204, which is easy to find, but doesn’t (at the time of writing) generate a link.


This magic was created by @musiko. Perhaps he could add it for the Agamas if he has time.


There is quite a lot of discussion of parallels on this forum since EBTs of all sorts is the point of SuttaCentral (/SutraCentral :joy: ). My post was precipitated by the post over here: There's no attested use of sati as mindfulness in pre-Buddhist texts - #9 by Vaddha that mentioned MA204 and MN26 . It occurred to me how nice it is that I can just click on MN26, (thanks @musiko!) but for MA204 I need to open a SuttaCentral window and search for MA204 and click on a result.

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