Avaaz vs Monsanto

I know I run the risk here of being way too political for this forum, but some of you might know that before I became a nun, I worked for Avaaz. Many of you probably know Avaaz and have signed a few petitions.

I hardly ever post anything for Avaaz on this forum, but what is happening now is unprecedented in Avaaz’s history: they are being summoned to court by Monsanto, one of the most powerful companies in existence. The reason is that Avaaz has been succesfull in convincing governments to bann Monsanto’s key product, the herbicide glyphosate, better known as the key ingredient of RoundUp.

Monsanto is infamous for legal strong-arm tactics and has near-unlimited financial resources. Avaaz now needs all the help it can get to win this.

If you ever signed an Avaaz petition against RoundUp or any of the other petitions against Monsanto, your name will be on the list that the company wants from Avaaz.