Aversion in relation to compassion


Are there any Suttas or teachings that link aversion to samsara (as growing out of seeing things the way they are) to changes in compassion?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

with metta



I believe there is.

Aversion (dosa in Pali), along with greed (raga) and delusion (moha), is typically listed as one of the three unwholesome roots (kilesa). In AN 3.34, the Buddha ascribes these mental states to the origination of kamma. Or, more simply put, they’re primarily what bind us to samsara. As a remedy for aversion, loving-kindness (metta) is often prescribed. A famous sutta on loving-kindness is Sn 1.8.

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Perhaps the distinctions between metta and compassion karuna are significant?

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I can’t remember anything which shows a direct connection, but aversion to samsaric existence might lead to some renunciation. This might make a person less likely to be conceited and more able to appreciate the suffering that they share with others in samsaric journey, hence more compassionate.

With metta

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Don’t have any suttas to back this up but I think metta is more related to (antidotal to) non-illwill (abyāpāda) and compassion/karuna to non-cruelty (avihiṃsā).


Thankyou everyone for your considered replies :slight_smile:

I definitely agree that renunciation is a response to growing aversion. As one perceives things formerly seen as positive as actual burdens, the logical response is to let go of those burdens and renounce/leave behind those things.

I suspect what I’m thinking about is actually a process, and I’m just focusing too specifically on details of that process.

Thanks once again for your interest and assistance.

May all beings be free from suffering.