Award Revoked

One can assume malice and manipulation, and then see it, and feel pleasure and pain in this “insight”.

This too is all mind…

In this life I know all acquisition is illusion. Material acquisition, status acquisition, fame, notoriety, all are illusions. So too are beliefs in justice and fairness, just clinging to illusions.

What leads to anger, fear, hate, is unskillful. There is no security in such. There is no joy in such.

Metta. May all beings achieve liberation.

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I don’t see why anyone should have a fixed-view about Suu Kyi. If someone had the fraudulent appearance of being the leader of a country that was ‘actually’ in the grip of a murderous military machine then, what would we expect them to say?

I guess it’s logical that such a leader could only function as a mouth-piece of the guys with the guns. Any real clarity about what happens in Burma - politically - is unlikely any time soon.