B:) Pop -- A playlist of contemporary popular tunes with a Buddhist theme(-ish)

Vision Eyes by Nujabes.

Latitude by Nujabes.

Gang Starr - Above the Clouds.

Please excuse my ignorance here, but reading this thread I’m surprised to hear that monastics listen to music and have playlists. I always just assumed that entertainment such as music, films, plays, etc. was something contrary to the Vinaya. :innocent:

with metta

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Most people here are not monastics. Khemarato Bhikkhu is probably just taking part in the discussion without actually watching the videos. Or he is allowed to do so as part of his job as moderator (or deputy moderator :wink:).

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Ajahn Thanissaro’s song :sweat_smile:

Endless silver… Wave forms crash in
Sea’s too big to fit in my heart

Nothings too big to fit in my heart

Seas come, seas go… Where they stood deserts flow
Time’s too big to fit in the brain

Nothing’s too big to fit in my heart

Space time strings bend… World without end
God’s too big to fit in a book

Nothings too big to fit in my heart

The music on my website “playlist” linked above is the music I listened to before ordaining which meant something to me, collected there for some murky combination of sentimentality and the hope that it may help others.

For example the song/music video for “The Wheel” especially was one I listened to a lot while I was still struggling with the decision to go forth, and which helped me (emotionally) to accept the futility of materialism. It was more impactful on my progress than a lot of the Dhamma Talks I’ve listened to (though that probably says more about my own thick-headedness than anything else!)

Yeah, that’s right. For Megger’s “Cue” above which I responded to, I just Googled the lyrics. :blush:


Thanks for the clarity!

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Mindfulness of death as a pop song.

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“Those who know don’t have the words to tell
And the ones with the words don’t know too well”


Well I just DM’d my daughter with your The Wheel. I can see her listening, being inspired and wanting to toot it out on her clarinet, which was lifted from her car in Victoria, because she forgot about all that and left it in open view on a seat. Some things should never be given up. She is going to really like this, and I guess I am going to have to make her reach out, so we can replace that special thing and she can continue to toot.

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Sorry to hear about the loss. I hope she gets a nice replacement. And insurance!

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I just discovered ML Buch’s Suntub. Flames shards goo lyrics remind me of how someone would collapse into a sensual existence if this is all there is, as they say. Almost like an impressionist painting. The music is quite diffuse in that light.