Back to basics: Dhamma Quizlet

Hi all,

I just made a folder of quizlet sets to help myself memorise the contents and order of common lists. It occurred to me to share it here too, in case anyone is interested in testing themselves. If someone jumped out of the bushes and said “QUICK! What’s the 4th hinderance?”, would you be able to answer immediately? I realised I wouldn’t. I’ve been spending all my time learning what things mean, but not what they’re called or what order they come in. Which is important because I won’t always have access to the Internet to look it up.

The sets are here if you need a refresher too:


I anticipated summary answers but really like that you supply sutta quotes with references.:blush:
I shall sign up.


Glad to hear it. Its still a work in progress though. So if you check back in a few days/weeks there’ll be more sets and more sutta references. :smile: :pray:


Q: What one thing is helpful?

Glad to see others listing along…


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I think … Venerable Sariputta forgot to mention one thing in DN 34:

Q: What is one thing you should always keep in mind?