Bedding used by thai monks

On what kind of beds do most thai forest monks sleep?
On the floor? On matresses on the floor? or on beds?

Something like this, or directly on the floor. Notice the purple thing on the bed, it is a plastic equivalent of a straw mat.

The extra robe can be used as a makeshift partial mattress for the hiips and / or shoulders which can be sore if directly on the floor.


Sorry, I asked about the matress thing, I overlooked the sentence about the purple plasticmat.
Thanks for your answer.

It’s possible to read “bedding” as a verb, which I’m guessing was not the intent. :laughing:

In forest tradition kutis, there’s usually just a wooden floor with a rollout straw mat, and a square cushion for pillow. But it varies. Older monks will usually have a small mattress.


Oh, I just googled it, english is not my native language, I didn’t know it had some other meaning :sweat_smile: :laughing:

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