Being in time

Samsara is ‘business as usual’ - it promises the world but, doesn’t deliver. It’s unsatisfactory!

It’s sad but true or, is it?

Samsara - the process of becoming - promises the world but, it’s not the ‘world’ per se. Samsara is worldliness - it’s an orientation to life and, living.

We may have the impression that if things go our way we will eventually get-there, wherever that is?

Wherever we seem to get it changes into something else then, repeat the process.

There’s no genuine point of arrival just endless transition, uncertain, insecure, temporary outcomes.

We are invariably seperated from that which we find pleasant and painful in a self perpetuating cycle.

Nobody is actually going anywhere at all. Its always been like this. An imaginary :mouse2: on a circling wheel going nowhere.

We live in the illusion that we are going somewhere, wow-weee or, oh-no - I’m up shit creek with a fork for a paddle!

This idea that ‘I’ have been like that and, ‘I’ am like this now and, ‘I’ will be like this or that in the future is an invention. This is related to the notion of psychological-time.

It’s a personal story where the central character is the hero, the villain, the winner, the loser. We make it up as we go along!

“Did I exist in the past? Did I not exist in the past? What was I in the past? How was I in the past? Having been what, what did I become in the past?’ Or that he will run forward into the future, thinking: ‘Will I exist in the future? Will I not exist in the future? What will I be in the future? How will I be in the future? Having been what, what will I become in the future?’ Or that he will now be inwardly confused about the present thus: ‘Do I exist? Do I not exist? What am I? How am I? This being—where has it come from, and where will it go?" - Samyuktagama 60

"When there is (no you) there, you are (neither) here nor yonder (nor) between the two. This, just this, is the end of stress.” - Bahiya Sutta

“That monk, who understands like this and sees like this, has forever eradicated the view of the past without a remainder. The view of the past having been forever eradicated without a remainder, he has also forever eradicated the view of the future without a remainder. The view of the future having been forever eradicated without a remainder, he has also forever eradicated the view of the present without a remainder and is not attached to anything.” - Samyuktagama 60

The world doesn’t do anything to us, in a ‘samsaric’ sense. The process of becoming continues as a consequence of self-grasping - it’s self-centred, self-view-generated.

This process continues due to the craving for being/becoming, existence.

Consciousness’ gives rise to its own dissatisfaction, its own suffering, the continuity of becoming and, everything implied in this process.

Dependent origination is samsara. Through feeling, craving and, clinging our dissatisfaction and angst comes into being/becoming. It becomes our lived-reality.

Reality is not the same as actuality and, truth. Truth liberates, actuality ‘just is’ and, ‘reality’ is what we take life, existence, to be.

We all have our own ‘take’ on reality - Arahants excluded.

The salesperson who promises success and good fortune and, the wishful thinker, are products of the imagination. They are the myths we live by.

Success and failure are worldly Dhammas. They’re part of the samsaric delusion of worldly concerns and preoccupations.

We are not hapless victims in a world designed to trap us. We play the game until we get bored and disillusioned with it all. If, we meet wise and kind friends at this juncture a process of spiritual transformation :star2:-ts to unfold.

It’s all dependently arisen, empty phenomena rolling on then, it stops when awakening takes place.

What makes the difference is the quality of attention? All that’s required is care-ful attention and kindness in this precious human life - keep it simple. :slight_smile: