Best abbreviation usage

This is extremely elementary but here goes what are the best abbreviations for suttas MN, SN AN and followed by a number?

MN36, MN85, MN100, MN119 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can you explain more what you are asking?

In English translations there are really only two major options. One is the PTS system and the other is the “sequential” system used by most websites as well as Wisdome and Wat Metta’s publications.

PTS only works when the texts themselves have the page numbers embedded in them. So for most people, they are frustrating if not useless.

However if you need to indicate a specific line in the text by some kind of number, then PTS is the only way to go. These will be a regular PTS citation followed by a comma and another number, often smaller, that indicates the line. So, for example,

MN ii 23, 16

But if you are posting a question about a sutta here on this forum and only give a PTS reference to it, it will not be very helpful for those wanting to help.